EU domain name transfers

Transfer your .eu domain name to UKreg today!
Follow our step-by-step instructions below, starting with your free UKreg domain name account.

Open a free UKreg account

First, you'll need your own free UKreg domain name account.
It's easy - your account will be activated and ready to use immediately.
(Existing UKreg customers - skip this step)


Prepare your domain for transfer

  • Make sure that the Owner (registrant) contact email address for your domain name is correct and up to date. You will need to access this email address to transfer your domain name. Contact your current provider if you need to update this email address.
  • Your domain name must have been registered for at least 60 days.
  • Start your domain name transfer at least 40 days after its renewal date.

Start the transfer

Log into your UKreg account then click "Register & transfer domains" on the front page.
Then just follow the on-screen instructions to add your domain name and start the transfer.
You will need to confirm the domain's Owner (registrant) email address during the process.
Log into your UKreg account


Approve the domain name transfer

Once your have requested the transfer, our international domain registrar (OpenSRS) will send an email to your domain's Owner (registrant) contact email address asking you to approve the transfer. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the transfer to UKreg.

You will need to approve the transfer within within 7 days of receiving the OpenSRS email.
It may then take a few more days to complete the transfer - but it's worth it for the superb service and excellent value you'll get once your domain name is with us here at UKreg.

EU domain name transfers are free and you'll keep any remaining months from the current registration period.
We will automatically extend the registration for a further 12 months at our current rate when you transfer in.

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